Welcome to the Wessinger Hotel. With our latest hotel directory, we warmly invite you to take a journey into our hotel. We are a restaurant, hotel, pastry and coffee shop in the heart of Rhine-Main area in Neu-Isenburg. Whether you are away on business or simply want to relax, we offer you an attractive range of activities.

The Wessinger has many special services that will reach all of your individual needs. For example, in our kitchen, we specialize in using fresh ingredients in our modern day restaurant at an affordable price. We also bake exquisite cakes in our pastry shop professionally designed or created with your own specifications. These, of course, can be delivered directly to your home or picked up at your convenience. When you choose us for a pleasurable visit, we will reserve a first class room that is both comfortable and suited to your needs. In addition, we can host events such as conferences and meetings according to your wishes.

Just recently, we opened up a new shop where we serve a selection of coffees and teas and bake delicious tartlets and mini quiches in our new Café WeWe in Bad Vilbel.

For over four generations, we have learned to provide a positive and enjoyable experience that demonstrates our dedication to our customers and to our traditions. We continue to adapt to our customers and their needs to continue to make their experience at both the Wessinger and the new Café WeWe in Bad Vilbel a place they can come to for many more years!